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Our Engineering Offerings

Municipal Engineering Solutions

Kulani’s first priority when it comes to any engineering project is the people, and the communities, for whom the project is intended. It is this integrity and commitment to excellence that has made Kulani Engineering a preferred partner for a number of municipal works.

We have provided holistic municipal engineering services to the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng government departments, various municipalities in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, state owned entities such as Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), CSIR, IDT, South African National Parks (SANPARKS) and financing institutions such as the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). In this role, our services have included:

  • Technical consultancy services (in transport, water, sanitation, solid waste, electricity, land and housing related services)
  • Community and stakeholder interaction and consultation.
  • Building and structural engineering
  • Asset management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Engineering project support

Mining Engineering Solutions

For many years, South Africa’s commodities markets, and national economy, has leaned heavily on the mining industry. Recent changes mean that the industry is undergoing a gradual, but substantial change. Today, more than ever, mining infrastructure and operations require stringent attention to environmental impacts, safe practices and new technology.

Kulani offers services and capabilities specific to the development and maintenance of mining infrastructure, including:

  • Structural integrity assessment and reform proposals
  • Water infrastructure planning and resource management
  • Water efficiency and GN 704 audits
  • Storm water planning and implementation
  • Environmental solutions
  • Community development
  • Social planning and facilitation
  • Site and off-site infrastructure (e.g. roads, bridges, buildings, camps and utilities)

Our Quality Policy

KULANI Engineering Consultancy, its top management and employees, strives and commits themselves to the following:

  • To employ its network of technically competent individuals and organizations in providing flexibility to its offering thus delivering the required excellent services to its clients.
  • To deliver credible solutions to the industry by ensuring our designs and services conform to modern quality standards and best practices.
  • To provide engineering solutions that adds value to our client’s strategic and operational goals.
  • In pursuit of service excellence, to ensure that our services are driven by the client’s needs with a view towards building long-term partnerships.
  • To establish solid partnerships with various specialist consulting companies with expertise in engineering, environmental management and transport engineering.
  • To offer our clients a robust and knowledgeable consulting team that spreads across a broader.

Our Divisions