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Meet Kurisani

Kurisani Maswanganyi, Managing Director and Founder of Kulani Engineering has a passion for engineering. “It’s all about solving problems and having light-bulb moments. It involves creating something from nothing – making a road where there wasn’t one before. It’s very rewarding,” she explains.

She worked as a trainee at Africon Consulting, but left to study at the UK’s Cambridge University. Then an opportunity arose to work on the Terminal 5 extension to London’s massive Heathrow Airport, a project that challenged her, but provided her with valuable experience, and a confidence in her own ability.

Wanting to continue on her personal journey towards empowerment, she took a leap of faith and founded Kulani Engineering without any seed capital. Since those first, formative days, she’s now setting up key partnerships with local government departments, international firms, and corporate entities looking to improve their environmental sustainability.

Kurisani’s personal ambition is clear in the scale, and the standard of the projects that Kulani develops.“My company’s motto is ‘Engineering for impact’ – and I live that in everything I design. I love this country and I know that with the right mind-set, I can change it for the better,” she says.

Our Quality Policy

KULANI Engineering Consultancy, its top management and employees, strives and commits themselves to the following:

  • To employ its network of technically competent individuals and organizations in providing flexibility to its offering thus delivering the required excellent services to its clients.
  • To deliver credible solutions to the industry by ensuring our designs and services conform to modern quality standards and best practices.
  • To provide engineering solutions that adds value to our client’s strategic and operational goals.
  • In pursuit of service excellence, to ensure that our services are driven by the client’s needs with a view towards building long-term partnerships.
  • To establish solid partnerships with various specialist consulting companies with expertise in engineering, environmental management and transport engineering.
  • To offer our clients a robust and knowledgeable consulting team that spreads across a broader.

Our Divisions